We see the same courses being pushed out for Canva, so have decided we would like to be different.

We'd love your feedback!

Please also add your details if you'd like to be attending one of our events!

We want to run a more reactive training session, whereby we keep group sizes manageable, you provide your top 3 "pain points" with canva - ie areas you struggle with, we then answer each question for your group and also SHOW you, how it's done.

Depending on group size - we are aiming for this to take between 1-1.5hrs for each group.

How experienced with Canva are you?
What size group would you prefer?
What price point do you expect for this session? (Based on 1hr)
What time of day would be preferable?
Is this the first time you have heard of Dolphin Outsourcing?
Are you interested in attending a session??
Interested in what else we do?

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