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Running a business solo? Or just ready for a new, outside perspective? Let's get started:

Running a business is tough...

It is really hard work, yet something many of us choose to undertake alone, because... it's what's expected of a starting business right? You should be able to do it all and manage it all on your own... and not being able to, means you failed...




We all have our strengths and our weaknesses and a strong leader, a strong business person is one who realises this, realises that a collective thought is better than a singular thought.

I'm here to help take the pressure off YOU. To assist you, as a consultant, or a mentor. I will even roll my sleeves up and get stuck in with you to get the jobs done - if I'm the right person for the job.

Wish Granter

Many business owners wish they could have someone to hand, to run ideas by, "pick up the pieces", or even a business partner without the legal right to their business... This is where I can come in. To consult, advise, bounce off, or just share with.


Disclaimer... Ok, I can't actually grant wishes (sorry!!)

Someone who cares

You'll see I'm just me - I'm someone who cares and cares enough to want to make a positive impact on those around me. I do this through Dolphin and also 121 with my clients - and potentially you too!

It's why I offer a free consult...

It's why I offer affordable prices...

I really do care about helping others.

Creative & critical thinking

I'm mutli-skilled and this is just 1 reason why people enjoy working 121 with me. Not only do I have the experience to work with you on business strategy, business plans and financials, but I can also work on your brand identity. As a creative, I can even help you re-brand, or create your brand - find out more...

book a session

Booking a session with me, couldn't be easier! Below are the free and online consultation services you can book straight in. I'd always suggest to have a free call first, so we can make sure we'll be a good fit before any money comes my way.

I'm here to build   trust and encourage the beginning of a supportive and professionally relationship.

I want to help this level of service to be more obtainable to more people, so I have planned for this with my range of available and bookable packages and consultations. I want you to find the right level for you, as this is about you finding the right level of support, not me selling you a 6 month pay up front plan because it makes me money!

Flexible & justifiably affordable

The way I work is about finding you the best route forward in business, if that means having a 1 off session for now, then that is what we'll do. I only take on a handful of clients at any one time, so rest assured, you are going to be well looked after if you do commit to working with me.


I also work closely with a handful of other professionals in a variety of industries, so that I can share with you some key, recommended business support outside of my remit.

Book a session
Business mentorship and implementation

I'm committed to helping and supporting business owners who need support with their business.

As a mentor, I've run and still run successful businesses, I've also worked in micro businesses & well known companies in a variety of capacities over the last 15 years. I bring all of this experience and knowledge to the table when I work with business owners - just like you.

I'm the person you come to, when you need to GET IT DONE.

My favourite clients are start ups - because starting a business is a bit like climbing a mountain right?!

I also love to help business owners work out the right tools and procedures to help take their businesses forward.

As a business owner of an Outsourcing Agency, I know what it's like to work with a remote workforce. Growing a business from £0 is tough! There are so many "free" and so many "expensive" things you can do - it becomes a minefield. I'm hear to help you share the load, take the pressure off you and give you some breathing room!

Business Consultancy

Already set up in business? But need an outside perspective?

There are a variety of areas I can offer to review within your business.

the offer

" Laura is absolutely brilliant. Always friendly and very very helpful. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows what she's talking about!

She gives you a very clear list of the options and is brilliant with the advice she gives. 100% would recommend, she is amazing! "

My reviews
My story

I'm a fighter, I adapt, I change, I overcome... and I use that in every ounce of myself and through my business and also, how I support others. It's not been an easy road to this point, but I do write about my story, my challenges and I'm very open in the fact that I have had Mental Health struggles, but I've decided to embrace them and crack on regardless!!

Social Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Military Spouse... a Wife, a Mum, a British Forces Veteran 

  • How much does it cost to outsource?
    It depends on how much help you need! What we do here at Dolphin is make sure YOU have the choice. Our fees start from just £28/hr +Vat, which means we're a great option to begin your outsourcing journey with. > You can choose to use us for a 1 off job (maybe some market research?) > Or more frequently, using our ADHOC contract, which gives you access to our contract rates, but your not committed to a minimum use! > Using a retainer contract with us, where you book a set amount of time with us each month, with a minimum requirement of 1hr a month - this is still pretty flexible.
  • How long is my contract?
    You may choose to work with us outside of contract, which means you pay us more per hour, but have zero ongoing commitment. If you do choose a contract with us, your first month is a trial period, so during that time, if you change your mind about using us, you can give just 1-weeks notice. (Of course our time to date is chargeable) After your trial period, you'll need to give at least 1 month's notice to leave the contract with us. This will be confirmed in your Contract that you must complete, prior to our beginning any work with you.
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