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" Fuelled by a core desire to help "

Launched by Laura Dolphin, who recently brought in 2 new partners: Sarah Sharp & Angela Saunders

The aim for EUKB is to take it forward, bringing it into the limelight as a not-for-profit who cares about UK Business owners. The organisation is for the benefit of that community. Everything is being fuelled by a core desire to help the UK Economy through it's small business owners.

What are our aims?

Create free communities so business owners to connect

Provide a members area for those ready to commit

Give training and provide events to learn & grow

Create an affordable way to advertise online

What are our core values?

Integrity - we will uphold ourselves to be honest and do everything for the benefit of the community not ourselves.

Loyalty - we're here to help those who need support, we are loyal to helping UK based organisations (of any derivation).

Entrepreneurship - we're all business owners and we will always aim to think outside the box, for the benefit of our community. Seizing opportunities to grow where the decision enables us to do more and give back even more.

Respect - we appreciate that people in business come from a varied background, we respect all business owners and encourage all of those in our communities to support each other and respect each other.

We were in the paper!


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Especially UK Business CIC (12772369)


Dolphin Outsourcing Ltd is a sister company and run by Director Laura Dolphin


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