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Why is flex so important to us?

One of the main reasons Dolphin Outsourcing was formed was to give me flexibility. I decided not to go back to work straight after having my daughter and I really wanted to find a career that I could be proud of and one that I could give my 110% to, even if I was part time! BUT I just couldn't find anything in my area... It didn't seem right that because I wanted to have a better work/life balance and work part time, that I then couldn't proceed in a career I wanted. I'd have to pick from what was "available"... and take a big step down in responsibility.

I looked into it more and more and was shocked at what I found... Thousands of people around the UK facing similar concerns... when needing flex/part time working hours. Knowing I'm one of many military spouses and mothers that CRAVE independence and the ability to hold onto my own career whilst my partner serves - was an even bigger driving force to create something NEW.

I set myself up as self employed... doing a bit of admin and just felt it wasn't me... I needed MORE.

That was when I came across the world of Virtual Assistants... but there were no jobs or manager roles... it was all as self-employed associates. Which left me with the quandary... to be (what is effectively) a freelancer... or to set up my own company.

Could I start a new organisation, that valued the flex worker?


So I began to plan out what this company could be, how we could give ULTIMATE flexibility to people who needed and valued flexible working. To give people another CHOICE. Because this is really what it became about.

Giving people a choice...

Enabling people (like me) to continue driving their career forward and progressing as you would expect in any organisation.

To create opportunities to progress into management and beyond! Things were becoming EXCITING!

By creating Dolphin Outsourcing - I was creating an alternative to:


Being office bound with very little flex

Being a business owner

Being a freelancer / associate VA

Now, there is a 4th option:

To have the flexibility and growth similar to being a business owner/freelancer, whilst having the support of the office bound worker and being an employee on payroll! 

So I adopted the Zero Hour contract style of employment - which has previously gained plenty of negative connotations, due to big brands taking advantage of their workers. I wanted to change that. This type of contract gives the employee flexibility to work what they can. If they want to take a break, if their child is home poorly, if they are having to home school because of a pandemic and can't work the same hours - that's ok.

What I find myself saying to the team is that for me, this is about mutual respect between me and them. I'm going to work my socks off to support them and help them grow in their career. They are going to let me know in as much notice as possible if they want more/less work or want to take some holiday - so I can arrange cover. It's about thinking of the wider ramifications of our actions. This is one of the reasons why I'm slowly growing the team here at Dolphin, why I'm taking our time in how many clients we take on... to manage expectations of the team (and the clients of course). To ensure they have work, but are not overwhelmed.

We also get together when we can, either virtually or in person. Our first Christmas I paid for hotel rooms in London - so we could all meet up!


I've also introduced bonus schemes!

If they bring a client on - they get commission.

If they have got a glowing review (we conduct them twice a year) then they may be applicable for a bonus!

If you want to work with us, check out our Careers page to see if we're recruiting, if we not right now - sign up to the mailing list and you will hear as soon as we are. If you have got any questions, by all means please reach out.

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