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Who are we?

We are The Business Support People. Dolphin Outsourcing is the perfect partner for businesses seeking tailored and affordable business support to streamline their operations and drive growth. 


At Dolphin, flexibility is ingrained in everything we do. We pride ourselves on offering customisable services that cater to the unique needs of each client. Our team specialise in marketing, social media, and PR; branding and design; administrative and PA support; project management; as well as consultancy and mentorship services


We become a seamless extension of your business, providing the right level of assistance at the right time.

Proud sponsor of The Holt Xmas Party

At Dolphin, we believe in building meaningful connections with our clients, employees and partners.

Last year, our director, Laura, discovered Lea and The Holt and became part of the amazing community of business owners.

Becoming a sponsor seemed the perfect opportunity to show our support for Lea and The Holt dream that she’s building.

Lucky dip!

We’re thrilled to be offering everyone a chance to win some fantastic prizes. 

Winners will be announced via email on the 1st December! 


Simply join our mailing list below for your chance to win!!

Prizes to be won:

Sponsor a Dolphin: Support marine life through our charity partner, The WDC

A dolphin soft toy: A cuddly toy to brighten your day

Free 1.5-hour* consultancy session: Get personalised business advice from our director Laura with a 121 session. *This includes a 20-minute planning call to ensure we make the most of your session. 

£100 Dolphin voucher: Use this towards any of our services

Lucky Dip


Why did I start Dolphin Outsourcing? - A note from our Director

In 2018, I returned from maternity leave with the Army Reserves, but otherwise jobless, in an area with limited opportunities.

I needed to find a way to support my young family, and my husband, who is in the Armed Forces. Seeking a flexible role, I actually almost pursued a career in accountancy.  However, I discovered a passion for supporting businesses leveraging my varied expertise as a self-employed professional working from home.

Within a few months I realised I’d found my space and the concept of Dolphin Outsourcing was born.


Today, Dolphin provides tailored business support whilst fostering a truly flexible work environment for those who need it.

What are our specialties?

Unlike traditional outsourcing agencies, we hit that sweet spot between outsourcing and recruitment, offering a unique blend of services that empower businesses while achieving a truly flexible and rewarding work environment for our team members. As an alternative staffing solution, we provide experienced professionals  across a variety of specialisms, including:


Admin & PA Services


Project Management


Design & Branding Solutions


Management Support

Business Person with a megaphone.jpg

PR & Marketing Expertise

Client and contractor

Consultancy Services

Our services are tailored to your needs through project based solutions and retainer contracts, allowing you to choose the level of support that’s right for you. Whether you’re an individual, entrepreneur, SME or beyond, read on to find out how we can help.

​Wondering how we can work together now, or in the future?

Fancy just networking with us? Or meeting for a coffee?


Learn more about our Partner programme

How can we support you?

At Dolphin, we offer a range of comprehensive solutions to meet your unique business needs. Whether you’re looking for specialised support or flexible staffing solutions, we have you covered. Explore how we can empower your business to thrive in any situation:

Entrepreneur / SME business support

Looking for the right support to grow your business? Outsourcing can often feel disjointed, but not with Dolphin. We provide seamless services that feel like an extension of your own team, and our primarily remote service allows you to access the level of support you need, exactly when you need it. For businesses without employees, there’s no need to navigate the complexities of becoming an employer, as we handle the employment and management of our team for you. If you already have a team, our adaptable approach can cover for short-term or long-term absences due to sickness or other reasons. Whether you require our design team to function as your in-house department or a Marketing Manager to lead your junior marketing team, Dolphin has the expertise to support your business efficiently.

White label support

Are you in marketing, web development, or a VA? We offer white label solutions for all services (excluding consultancy). Not only do we seamlessly integrate with your team, we also work under your brand name. By providing us with a company email address, we are able to become part of your solution, maintaining complete confidentiality regarding our partnership. . This service comes with a small additional fee, but the peace of mind and ability to expand your team flexibly make it a valuable investment for many businesses.

Job share fulfilment

Are you looking to offer a more flexible working pattern for your staff, but need to ensure full-week coverage? Dolphin provides the perfect job share solution, enabling your team to work to their capacity while we fill the remaining hours. Unlike hiring a new employee as a job share partner, Dolphin offers unmatched flexibility. Whether you need coverage for 3 hours or 18 hours per week, we create a bespoke solution that fits your needs, rather than focusing on an equal partnership. Our solutions means that your current (or future) employees can transition to lower hour contracts whilst your business remains fully operational. We can leverage our existing team or source the right individuals for your needs. Need someone on-site? While this may limit our talent pool, we are committed to finding the right solution for you. As more people seek a better work/life balance and the cost of living crisis pushes carers and disabled individuals into the workforce - now is the time to embrace a flexible approach, and we’re here to help.

Overflow staffing

Does your business fluctuate seasonally? Do you struggle with productivity during peak times or absences? Whether you need temporary support to cover absences, or require additional resources to handle increased workloads, partnering with Dolphin ensures your deadlines are met without adding undue pressure to your existing team. Our bespoke contracts are tailored to fit your business, not the other way around, providing the level of support you need when you need it. By choosing Dolphin, your business can adapt quickly to changing circumstances without the constraints of staffing challenges.

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Partner programme

Know someone who could benefit from our services? Receive rewards for referring them to us. Discover new earning opportunities with our partner programme, designed to reward you for referring businesses to us. If you know someone who could benefit from our outsourcing services, send them our way and earn up to 10% of the first month’s invoice.


Once the trial period is completed, you’ll receive your reward! Choose between:

  • A cash payment to your bank account

  • Or a donation made in your name to our charity partner, the WDC

Joining our Partner Programme is completely free!!

Plus, you’ll receive a Partner Badge to display on your website, showcasing your collaboration with a trusted UK based outsourcing partner.


“Great service that gives me the flexibility I need as a growing business and the confidence that I can rely on them as I grow. There’s a new call answering service coming, which I think I’ll take them up on. Recommended!”

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