I'd love for you to take a moment to get to know me...

It's 2020, the world has changed and I'm still here, doing my part to try and help business owners in the UK! I'm the director of 2 businesses now - Dolphin Outsourcing Ltd (of course) and Especially UK Business CIC, a not-for-profit created to help and support.

What spurs me on?... HELPING. I love to work with people, I want to make a difference.

My why? I want to leave an impression on this planet in my lifetime. I want to be seen as a person who's core nature is to help and support people - in the ways that I can. I want to be remembered for doing something beyond helping myself. 

Who am I? You'll see in the images above... I'm a wife, a mother, a crazy dog lady (I also have a cat!!) and a British Army Veteran. What you don't see... 

I've grown into these "roles"... I'm a Military Spouse - which has it's own trials... a decade (and a bit ago) I was living off £30 a week, I was wracking up debts, I was severely depressed and massively overweight... whilst dealing with an mentally abusive partner. I had a breakdown, then turned my life around. I left the bad relationship, I lost over 8stone in weight, I got fit! I cycled from London to Paris for Charity... Joined the military (I was a Reserve Soldier), I became a self employed Personal Trainer and that is when the business bug caught me!!

Since then I closed that business, got medically discharged from the military (just shy of a decade later), found the love of my life and got married, had a beautiful baby girl when I never thought I'd be able to have children and found my new purpose in life. Dolphin Outsourcing. 

Despite dealing with long term mental health and physical health issues, I put all of my learning, my energy and my courage into creating this business and sharing the journey with a small team. I've been urged into becoming a mentor by my team, clients and fellow entrepreneurs. So here I am. Putting all that I have into YOU. All the work experiences and self-employed experiences and well, lets face it - LIFE experiences... rolled into one. 

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