11 days till we change to a“£ contribution” group


Short but sweet! I’m not using a size pun again don’t worry!

Tonight, is all about making sure things are accessible…


We will be asking all paying members to fill in an “advert form”.

We want to share your details in the group and have them readily accessible for ALL group members.

Having an accessible directory will enable you to find the help you need, when you want it, and support other businesses in the group!

SPAM – not the tinned stuff:

Ok – we will ask that you adhere to GDPR policies and not add everyone to a mailing list – remember – this is NOT OK.

Please also don’t start spamming them daily across other platforms to buy from you…

For 1 thing – it will more likely annoy people than work…

If we get any reports of members doing this, they’ll be risking us removing them and possibly being banned.

We don’t want to be the “bad guy” here.

So please be professional and responsible.

Will you stay? Will you support us and invest in your future?...

Come join us now, it’s ONLY £5 and look at all you’ll be getting for just over £1 per week!

Remember we won’t ask for any payment till on or after 3rd MAY 2020!!


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