12 days till we change to a“£ contribution” group

GROUP SIZE – because size IS important!

Ok, so now I’ve got your attention! We will be keeping the group size small, because it isn’t actually the size that counts here!!

We’re not going to the extremes of a well-known networking organisation and restricting how many of each sector can join us, but we will be capping the group size so that you know you can be seen!

Don’t worry – we won’t stop it at 20 people!!

How big is too big?

So, what we have seen is that when groups get too big, you can get easily lost and overwhelmed amongst the posts…

Now it’s great if you want to get the word out to a big group of people – but we want you to be able to get support when you ask for it and to have your services/products seen when you want to – of course this only happens when you join in!

It also means networking events won’t be swamped.

Now this isn’t to put down bigger groups!! As I say – they have their place, like we will! But, we are about creating a meaningful group of engaged business owners from around the UK and growing together.

What happens when you reach the limit?

Ok, so we’re a loooong way off! The group is realistically having a spring clean and starting fresh beginning of May!!

So we don’t expect to hit our limit overnight!

But sure – we totally get why you’re asking. In all likelihood we will look to create a 2nd group… then a 3rd etc etc. BUT we aren’t going to guarantee that is the plan – because well… life can throw curveballs (we’re living in 1 after all – ps thanks COVID-19!!)

Don’t count us out because we’re small!!

No matter how many people sign to stay in the group – we will be continuing to grow the audience by working hard to attract people to our network and YOU.

Don’t count us out whilst we get moving – we will keep providing you content and actually – we will try and target our content to help YOU more by asking for your feedback and giving you want you want – we hope 😉

We will still be doing everything we plan – even if a small group to start with.

Outside people can also still join out networking sessions – for a small fee – we’re already starting to add these to our website!

Of course, you will be able to attend for free if you’re a member! Don’t worry we’ll make sure you get everything you need to come and join the sessions!!

YOU are our primary focus as loyal customers.

We plan on bringing a huge amount of value to this group – which we will continue to explain over the coming days!

Will you stay? Will you support us and invest in your future?... For just £5 a month!!

Come join us now, we won’t ask for any payment till on or after 3rd MAY 2020!!


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