8 days till we change to a“£ contribution” group


Ok… so we would love you to stay as a member because you are supporting other small businesses by doing so – including us!

When you support a small business – you are quite literally giving your money to help them put food on the table.

We certainly aren’t rocking it in a sports car and mansion!

We don’t qualify for any of the government grants – so we’re on our own! Like a lot of smaller and new businesses. So, being part of our group means you are part of our revenue stream.

If you buy from other group members – you are supporting other small businesses too!

We are what we say we are…. We are transparent – no secrecy.

All our fees are public!

We love to support small too! We are all about being affordable to the many! By having lower fees we can help smaller businesses and start-ups to achieve their goals – which we LOVE to do!

We get so much reward from it.

Small businesses don’t usually hide behind layers of red tape – something wrong? You can speak with Laura Dolphin (the Director)!! Can you call up Richard Branson and have a chat about your WIFI not working? I don’t think so 😉

Come and support small business by joining our group!


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