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Behind the scenes at Dolphin – what it means to be a B.O.S!

When you first hear the term BOS, you may be wondering exactly what it means, well it’s an abbreviation for a Business Outsourcing Specialist. All of us at Dolphin Outsourcing Ltd are BOS’s and it means we all specialise in different areas of work that you can outsource to us. We all come from different backgrounds and we all have different areas that we specialise in and between us, we are pretty much superhuman ha! There really isn’t much that we can’t do, meaning the workload you could outsource to us could be anything!

We have asked all of our BOS’s to give us an insight into what it means to be a BOS.

Laura Dolphin – The authentic BOS – the original BOS and Director!

Because being a BOS sounds cooler than being a VA.

So - in the UK there are a few "VA Agencies". Most of these agencies or VA companies work with freelance VA's. So, it's a group of self-employed VA's. WE ARE DIFFERENT. So, we are a team, all singing off the same song sheet. We are all employed by the organisation Dolphin Outsourcing. We're employed, we're taken care of. This also means there is accountability and a management structure.

You come to us, as an organisation looking for flexible, affordable help with your business remotely. We as an organisation ensure you get the service you deserve. Because we are a team.

Chloe Cooper – The Stats BOS – The one who loves Excel and analytics!

Being a BOS is an amazing career choice! It is by far the most flexible job I have ever had. You become part of a little Dolphin family. The team are all very knowledgeable in different areas which is amazing! If one of us doesn’t know something it’s very likely that another will. Being a BOS means I can still be a mum to toddlers whilst still building an amazing career that has endless opportunities.

I have never worked or met anyone who works in a similar way to us at Dolphin, we are a completely remote team but still are exactly that a team! All of us support each other in different ways.

Laura, who is the director is by far the best actual BOSS that I have had, she is very hands-on and always available to offer advice. The whole team is very supportive, caring, and always around to help if needed. We take on clients that are specifically suited to us, rather than a workload that may not be a passion of ours we all get to flourish in our chosen areas. Every single client is different and has a different workload that they outsource to us. No two clients are the same and I absolutely love the variety that being a BOS brings.

Christina Barker – The Master BOS – The one with lots of skills!

Working as a team of BOS's is great because we all have different specialities so it's different to a VA service which is generally a one-man-band. They themselves have to sometimes outsource a 3rd party person to help with a project whereas we can do everything in house.

I personally love to help people. I like to see how far a business owner has come and work out in my head what they need to do in order to get to that next level. Seeing the end results for the client and them telling me how much I've helped them is what I love the most.

Being a military family can be a bit of a mission when it comes to finding a flexible job around moving frequently and young children so this position works really well for me and I have the ability to progress too.

Zara Roberts – The Curious BOS – The one who always asks questions!

Being a BOS means I get to do something I love, help people!

Since joining Dolphin Outsourcing Ltd I have met so many amazing people and been able to support their businesses. I have helped people launch courses, assisted in gaining new sales, and reached new audiences via social media.

No two days are ever the same and this makes every day exciting. I never have the Monday morning Blues because every day is a new set of challenges, new tasks, and the opportunity to meet new people.

I am so glad that Laura Dolphin gave me this opportunity to pass on my skills and knowledge to others and help people maximise their time doing the things they love the most in business.

If you would like to become a B.O.S we are always looking for like-minded, independent individuals to join our team! Register your interest here to start the process.


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