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How to survive the school holidays as a business owner

Schools out for summer!! ☀️

Now as a business owner, this sentence will either leave you feeling excited knowing you can take a break from work for a while to spend some precious time with the family, or it will fill you with dread. Which feeling will depend on how prepared you are 😧

Preparation is key!! 🔑

Things we recommend are:

📱 Scheduling your social media content - plan ahead, create your graphics and content in advance. We recommend using Trello to plan all of your content, then you can go ahead and use a scheduling tool to ensure everything goes out when planned. Business Suite on Facebook is a great free tool for scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts.

✉️ Automating as much as you possibly can - Anything you can automate such as direct messages when you are away and out of office replies should always have a call to action on them (CTA).

This should include a link to any frequently asked questions or if they want to book a call with you, direct them to somewhere such as calendly where they can book with you at a mutual time without having to even speak with you.

👩 Using an outsourcing service like ours - Need your emails answered? Help with scheduling your socials? outsourcing is a great option to have when you need to take a break. If you are a 'one-man-band' then you effectively have no one to cover you for things such as holidays or sickness so being able to offload some of your daily business tasks onto a team that can help could essentially be a lifesaver for some businesses.

☎️ Need help? Book a free consultation here and get outsourcing and more from just £22 per hour!


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