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So we've won an award! We're over the moon to announce this!

I had an email from the Corporate Live Wire team saying they wanted to talk to me and give me some feedback about these awards... So I initially thought great... Nothing good will come of this phone call...

But I couldn't have been more wrong! We spoke and they announced we'd won Best in Business Support Services for the UK!! I'm not really sure what happened on the rest of that call.. to say I was surprised... well that would be an understatement!! Luckily Tom sent me an email with all the information in it for me to process properly... Then came telling the Dolphin Team!! Everyone was thrilled! We simply couldn't be here today if it wasn't for all their hard work AND of course all of our lovely clients - past and present.

We work super hard here at Dolphin to be the best we can be for our clients, as a small business our reputation is incredibly important and this recognition to be seen as having deserved to be entered into the National competition over our local Wiltshire... we were just all astounded!

Next we were invited along to a presentation, free bar and an opportunity for some photos! Despite the downpour of rain, my family and I went along and had a wonderful afternoon/evening at the Gorse Hill Hotel. As you can see - I think my daughter was even more excited than me on the day!

I started Dolphin Outsourcing Ltd for many reasons, one of which was to support my family whilst keeping the flexibility we very much needed. Just a few years on and the hard work, late nights and determination to succeed all feel very much worth it!

Team Dolphin is going from strength to strength, with our fair pricing structure and our ability to help businesses all under 1 roof, our company is out there doing some amazing things and hopefully even more in the future!

I do just want to say thank you - to everyone that has supported us to date. All our clients, followers, staff, friends and family... THANK YOU.

Laura Dolphin

I'll wrap up by sharing our published page with you:

Have you seen our Community? We have recently taken over a Facebook Group and our aims for this are to keep it FREE, focused on supporting UK business Owners AND give you the opportunity to share, learn, sell and network! We'll also be having a big focus on supporting UK based Charities and Mental Health!

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