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What are our basic rate services?

This week Christina is back to talk through our lowest level services - these are the most cost-effective services we offer to small businesses and small business owners in the UK!

Here at Dolphin Outsourcing, we are all about taking stress off the plate of entrepreneurs and extending their team with our own skilled employees (you can call us the Dolphins!)

Watch live on Facebook and YouTube! You can read the transcript below if you would prefer.

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"Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining us all today.

So today, I'm here to discuss our basic rate services with you which will hopefully give you more of an understanding of what our services entail and at what cost. We do have two other types of services, which I will discuss next week and the week after. But today we're talking about our basic rate. So the basic rate is the basis of the work sort of consists of providing you with sort of fundamental basic implementation or business support that you need as a business owner. So the main tasks we do, it's not an extensive list, but it's more to kind of give you a general idea and to let you know what we do.

So on that list, we have basic copywriting, customer interaction, email management, social media scheduling, data entry, research, adjusting the copy in social platforms, media graphics, which we do in Canva, it's a pretty simple system to use, a lot of people have used it already and that's what we use, and much, much more. That's not the extensive list, we do offer so much more but that is to give you a general idea. If there's something that's not on the list that I've just mentioned, that you're interested in having, please just give us a call, give us a message and ask if we do it and we'll let you know which kind of category that falls into. If anyone has any questions, please put them in the comments, again, message us to let us know what you're after.

Everything on the basic services is charged at just £22 an hour so it's not much at all, we do cater for startup businesses, businesses that have been going for less than two years, usually, if you've been in business longer, that's great, but that's kind of business were aiming for £22 an hour rate at which is less than normal VA's and that's because we want to help you guys, we want you to be able to afford some outsourcing services when you're starting up so that's what we're here for we're here to help you.

I did want to discuss our three-tier pricing system, and this is the lower rate that we offer. You can head to our website to ask for more information, which is there is also a button on our Facebook page, you can go straight to our website. You can either click on Admin and PA Tasks or social media marketing, depending on obviously what you need the most. I will pop a link in the comments to both of those just to get you straight onto it, which would be a lot quicker, or as I say you can go straight on to our website, you can find all the details there as well as a list of services and contact details. Some of these elements are charged at the senior level, it depends on the difficulty of the task, but in general, they are charged at the £22 rate, but we will let you know if there's anything else that kind of goes outside this rate.

We do also have three main types of contracts if you wish to proceed with any of our work. I will explain these in full now and then I will come back to it in the following weeks to remind you, but basically, we've got a one-off contract which is for short term or one-off projects, that is a minimum of one hour, which is billable, and it will be paid upfront. We have got an ad hoc contract as well. So that sort of when you don't have a regular need for something, you may not know how much support you need over what kind of period so it will ask you to pay a deposit of just £30 and that's just basically to open an account with us and is a deposit so you can get that back at the end. Our last one is what we call our retainer contract, so that's more of a consistency-based contract, we call it our kind of rolling contract, you can, of course, cancel at any time so as long as you give us the 30 days notice it's basically like the ad hoc contract apart from your pay £30 or up to 50% of your monthly retainer as a deposit and a monthly retainer is going to depend on how much you can afford, what your budget is that kind of thing but otherwise your invoiced monthly in arrears. We will only exceed your budget if you authorised us to do so, so we will not go over that budget. We normally tell our clients if we're getting close to it, how much work we got left and if you do want to go over that's fine we can take off the next month's budget. We're quite flexible and that's what we're here for flexibility is kind of key for our business so always try to be flexible for all of our clients. I will discuss our billing cycle very briefly as well. So we also do all of our invoicing monthly, on the last day of the month, and payment is required for the last month in arrears via direct debit on or shortly after the 1st.

That's how we work and we are currently in the process of updating our website (post-recording note: The new website is now LIVE) so watch out for that, there'll be an update about that soon it's all gonna be fancy-dancy, all singing all dancing hopefully and you can sign up for our newsletter there actually so if you want to be kept in the loop with any updates, again I'll put the link in the comments, but just head to our website and I think near the bottom there's a subscribe button just hit that, put your details in there and it was signed up straight away but I will put a link in the comments for that. If there are any questions put them, I don't think there are any questions at the minute but we're here to help and hopefully, that's been helpful for you guys and explained our basic services. If you are interested in outsourcing any of what I've just spoken about, please get in touch and book your free consultation via our website, again I'll add the links in the comments, but otherwise, just click to book a call on our website and we look forward to hearing from you.

I'll be back on Wednesday so I'll speak to you all again soon. Have a great evening."


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