2020 E-Calendar + Planner
  • 2020 E-Calendar + Planner

    50% OFF as this is now just June till December 2020!!


    • A 2020 planner and calendar in 1!!
    • Focusing on helping you to keep up with Social media (but can be full customisable)
    • Includes some examples and hints and tips to make your life that bit easier
    • Plus all the key dates and LOADS of extra days all jammed in!
    • Our eco-friendly planner will be able to be used: on your phone, PC or tablet!
    • You can even share it with your team/staff/assistant!!
    • You can take it with you, wherever you are, you wont need a pen, you wont need to worry about where to put your planner... have it all in 1 place - or lots of places all at once
    • This template can be adjusted to suit your needs and is a great option to help you plan content!!


    You'll also get a **FREE VIDEO** - showing you how to use your new calendar!!


    You'll also get a 25% off social media account reviews - usable against multiple platforms, not just Facebook!!


    Please email us if you experience any issues:


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