Facebook Cover Image Template

Facebook Cover Image Template

This simple to use Template will ensure that no matter where you create your Facebook cover image, you'll have created it to fit both for PC & Mobile viewers*!! 


Yes - they are different sizes!!! 


What you'll get - instantly download a zip file with 2 files/images:


  1. We give you a PNG file, that will make designing your own cover image as easy as possible! 
  2. We've even got a screen shot of how it will look in Canva!


Still not getting the professional image you were hoping for? Why not work with us - we include your cover photo in our Basic Branding Package!

  • .

    *Correct size as of May-2020


    1. Simply save the images onto your device,
    2. Open in your desired program. OR upload the image to canva.
    3. Make sure the disign is: 820-360 pixels (h x w), you can manage with the Canva template, but it won't be as accurate.
    4. Create your design - make sure you keep what you want seen INSIDE the Green box.
    5. You may want to have something between the green and red boxes, but remember - you won't see this on a mobile!!
    6. Remove or hide the template image layer
    7. Depending what program you are using, make sure you crop the image to the red hash box. (If you are using Canva's Facebook Cover Template design, you won't need to do this!)
    8. Save the image
    9. Upload to Facebook

    **This process is much simpler on a pc, but you can use the template on a mobile.

  • Conditions of purchase

    The files downloaded as this digital product are for the use of the purchaser and not for distribution. Any person found to be doing so, will be in breach of our T&C of purchase.

Image by Roberto Cortese
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