Pricing & Positioning Webinar (recording)

Pricing & Positioning Webinar (recording)

Our sister company Especially UK Business CIC hosts special speakers every month, as a way to fundraise, but also a way to help it's audience. All fees paid go to the CIC.


People start businesses with a dream to work less and earn more, but often end up working more and earning less... We get caught in a trap of competing on price, due to fear that if we don’t, customers will go elsewhere and put us out of business. And the lower down the pricing ladder we go, the more demanding our customers get. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


With the right messaging and positioning, you can separate your business from the competition and charge the fees you deserve. We're incredibly happy to have hosted Rich White who's spent a decade in marketing, and as a professional writer and editor, former ghost-writer. His experience:


Has been with in-house marketing teams and in an agency. Primarily communications-focused, utilising the power of language. Now he's independent he provides marketing services to help clients grow their business, working with them to overcome their challenges, reframe their positioning and mindset, and earn more money!

A recent client has doubled her prices during lockdown, no longer receives calls from time wasters, and has saved over 5 hours a week!!

Another has had a book received two 'Honorary Mention' Awards at the New York & Paris Book Festivals!!


In this talk, live with Laura Dolphin, he covered:


> How the words you use to describe your service, can attract clients who are happy to pay your prices

> Why businesses can charge different prices for the same service/product

> Why “what” you do doesn’t matter when it comes to what you can charge

> How you can learn from premium brands to separate yourself immediately


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