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121 Consultation (single session)

Business Mentorship, Implementation or Consultancy meeting

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 115 British pounds
  • Virtual Session (Zoom)

Service Description

This 90 minute meeting can be used to cover a whole host of things. From getting to know you and your business much more clearly as part of a longer journey of working together... To sitting down and working through a problem as part of implementation support. This session can also be used to break down my consultancy services into more ADHOC support, as you're only committing to 1 session at a time. 90 minutes, is a great amount of time for us to work through a problem or understand an issue, without it becoming too overwhelming for either of us. Do you remember back in education and the term "death by PowerPoint"... well, we certainly don't want that in a 1-2-1 session now do we?! After a period of time, it's difficult for the brain to be able to concentrate and I want to get the best out of you and I'm sure you want me at my best too! However, if you feel you will struggle with a full 90 minutes, we can discuss on your discovery call, about splitting the appointment into 2 sessions of just 45 minutes. How can this session benefit you? So I encourage you to have a 30 minute free call first, so I can ascertain why you need this support. Once I know this is the right move.... Well it's time to get to work!! Depending on you and the issue at hand, I may ask you to provide some information prior to the session, this is so I can come to the session with some answers. (this time is deductible from your session) Most of these 1-off appointments are you and I working together on something, whereby you're reliant on me reacting in the moment to the questions you have! My varied experience means I thrive in these situations that others may find stressful. Do let me know if you have a plan, or expectations for the session, so that I can let you know if this is achievable. But please be aware, depending on what we uncover early in the session, plans may need to change to give you the best long term outcome. Also, I don't know EVERYTHING! lol - Should there be anything I'm unsure of in the meeting, I will aim to get you an answer! I may end the meeting early to ensure I have enough time for this. (I may also direct you to someone with relevant qualifications - for example, I'm not a GDPR expert or an accountant - but we may identify that you need support like this, which is outside of my remit.) Still unsure? Have questions? Please just reach out and either pop me a message, or book a free consult, I will endeavour to answer them and reassure you.

Cancellation Policy

Where your appointment is chargeable, this is non-refundable. It is usable within 3 months of purchase. If you cancel within 24 hours, we have the right to refuse re-booking. For full business T&C's please follow this link:

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