Admin and PA Services

Admin rates are between £15-£20 per hour

Administration is the backbone of any business. All businesses will have a certain level of administration. To organise the running of the business, within the sales process, the development process, social media... Really, there is no aspect of a business that doesn't have some admin! 

For business owners who find admin difficult, laborious or just realise that you could be doing something else - outsourcing is a really labour easy way to get it done.

The alternative, is to employ a staff member (or keep doing it yourself of course!) - but this means the time/cost it takes to recruit someone, to look after an employee once they come on board. You may think offering minimum wage is a great cheap choice, it's actually more expensive than you think! Want to add it up - here is a handy link:

Administration is a hugely broad term!! So what services can we offer you?

  • Research

  • Proofing

  • Filing (tbc)

  • Online information management (through remote access)

  • Document creation

  • Data Entry & Copy

  • Creation of databases

  • Client correspondence

plus much, much more!
PA Services are just £21 per hour

Our PA service takes administration that step further. We can provide additional services within the price for example you will also be able to do basic bookkeeping (we do not give financial advice) and social media management and planning!

Having a PA, can be such a relief - they can assist you with managing your diary, booking you into events and other commitments... plus so much more.