Admin and PA Services

Administration is the backbone of any business. All businesses will have a certain level of administration.

To organise the running of the business, within the sales process, the development process, social media...  Really, there is no aspect of a business that doesn't have some admin!


For business owners who find admin difficult, laborious or just realise that you could be doing something else - outsourcing is a really labour easy way to get it done.

The alternative, is to employ a staff member (or keep doing it yourself of course!) - but this means the time/cost it takes to recruit someone, to look after an employee once they come on board.

You may think offering minimum wage is a great cheap choice, it's actually more expensive than you think... PAYE, Holiday, Pension, system access, ongoing development are just a few costs.


Having a PA, can be such a relief - they can assist you with managing your diary, booking you into events, administration and so much more. A PA will typically have a breadth of experience, be adaptable and... they have your back.

At Dolphin, we aim to make this a flexible and affordable choice for any size business owner. We suggest this service is best provided under our "retainer contract" and also, typically needing a minimum of 1hr a day (Mon-Fri).

Do you need someone on hand out of hours? Get in touch and let us know your requirements, we are happy to discuss our availability.

Administration is such a broad term!! So, What does it mean?

    Not got the time to conduct research? We can help!

    Projects, clients and much more.


    Want someone to take a look at what you've written?

    We've worked with dyslexic business owners where a service like this has been crucial.


    This may be physical paper filing or virtual filing in virtual folders. Let us help you to feel more organised.


    Data entry is crucial in our digital age, let us help you. Convert your notes to digital form.

    This can also be applied to business minutes, or Podcasts.


    We can even help with keeping your website information up to date, or uploading new content.


    Got the content, but need a professional document? Not sure how to best show off your work? Creation & Formatting. 


    Want to create a database of clients? Keep a record of your enquiries? Records your statistics? We're here to work with you to create a worthy database on the best platform for you and your business.


    Information management is a very broad area in business. Do you want support with your internal information/data? Perhaps management of Trello, Monday or another system? We can help.


    Are you feeling overwhelmed with client communication coming from EVERYWHERE? Do you find your inbox is full of junk-mail? Connect with us and delegate where you can.

and more!!
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