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Admin and PA Services

Administration is the backbone of any business. All businesses will have a certain level of administration.

To organise the running of the business, within the sales process, the development process, social media...  Really, there is no aspect of a business that doesn't have some admin!


For business owners who find admin difficult, laborious or just realise that you could be doing something else - outsourcing is a really labour easy way to get it done.

The alternative, is to employ a staff member (or keep doing it yourself of course!) - but this means the time/cost it takes to recruit someone, to look after an employee once they come on board.

You may think offering minimum wage is a great cheap choice, it's actually more expensive than you think... PAYE, Holiday, Pension, system access, ongoing development are just a few costs.


Having a PA, can be such a relief - they can assist you with managing your diary, booking you into events, administration and so much more. A PA will typically have a breadth of experience, be adaptable and... they have your back.

At Dolphin, we aim to make this a flexible and affordable choice for any size business owner. We suggest this service is best provided under our "retainer contract" and also, typically needing a minimum of 1hr a day (Mon-Fri).

Do you need someone on hand out of hours? Get in touch and let us know your requirements, we are happy to discuss our availability.

Administration is such a broad term!!
So, What does it mean?
and more!!
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