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  • How much does it cost to outsource?
    It depends on how much help you need! What we do here at Dolphin is make sure YOU have the choice. Our fees start from just £28/hr +Vat, which means we're a great option to begin your outsourcing journey with. > You can choose to use us for a 1 off job (maybe some market research?) > Or more frequently, using our ADHOC contract, which gives you access to our contract rates, but your not committed to a minimum use! > Using a retainer contract with us, where you book a set amount of time with us each month, with a minimum requirement of 1hr a month - this is still pretty flexible.
  • How long is my contract?
    You may choose to work with us outside of contract, which means you pay us more per hour, but have zero ongoing commitment. If you do choose a contract with us, your first month is a trial period, so during that time, if you change your mind about using us, you can give just 1-weeks notice. (Of course our time to date is chargeable) After your trial period, you'll need to give at least 1 month's notice to leave the contract with us. This will be confirmed in your Contract that you must complete, prior to our beginning any work with you.
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