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Explore the opportunity to work with us in a completely flexible capacity...

What's important to us?

We want to find, and work with, like minded professionals, who are ready to bring their A-game to us and our clients.

where flexibility matters

We understand that so many people NEED flexibility. We want to support as many people as possible to reach this goal!


This is why we have now started to advertise for these freelance/contractor positions. We appreciate that our level of flexible employment is amazing, but so many people have already been forced into self-employment. So rather than throw this away, we're going to celebrate it! 

Prefer to be employed? Check out our current roles.

work from anywhere

We are interested in finding freelancers around the world. 


HOWEVER as our primary focus is to support UK based businesses, which make up the majority of our clients, you will need to be available to support during their hours (in some circumstances) and have insurance that covers working with UK companies.

Ideally you would be UK based/registered.

What types of roles do we want to fill?

General Administrator

Data Entry Support

Virtual Receptionist

Senior Administrator

Executive PA

Graphic Designer

Web Designer 

General Social Media, Marketing & PR

Marketing Manager / Marketing Consultant

Branding Consultant

Project Manager

Online Business Manager

Events Manager

Team Management

Prefer to be employed? Check out our current roles.


What are our rates?

We presently pay our hourly rates for different levels of work. This is mostly based on the type of work, but in some instances, may also be linked to your skill level.

These rates are not typically negotiable, however, if you would like to offer a different service than those listed, or the client is eager to teach you a new transferable skill, we will discuss the rate with you.


We're a disability confident Committed employer

We are passionate about supporting anyone with a disability, we are a small business, with big goals to do more...


We look forward to hearing from you!

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