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Executive PA Service

Our exclusive service is specifically for our customers who're looking for a premium support choice, with a PA with an extensive experience behind them. 

This service does come at a premium, but included with this service will be:

Monthly check-in from a Manager/Director of Dolphin

Annual check-in with a Senior Manager/Director of Dolphin

During these check-in's we will be ensuring that you are completely happy with the service you're being provided and relaying any feedback as required to the team.

This service is charged at a set rate* of £36/hr.

*Our exclusions will be only when you are using more Management level support, which we consider to be a higher level service.

** There may also be some services that your PA is not a specialist in (for example Branding/Design/Web-design) and in these instances, we would provide you a quote for work that sits outside of their skillset. You can read more about our other services and pricing here.

senior level service

You will work 121 with one of our senior level team members. These senior members have a wealth of experience and are considered to be our most efficient and regarded members of staff.

We become part of your team and an extension to your business, if you succeed, we succeed, so supporting you and going above and beyond, is just part of the package here at Dolphin.


Absence cover

In an instance where your PA is unavailable (due to holiday/illness) you will be given the option to receive priority support from another senior team member.  



Our senior staff are "multi-skilled", or as we like to call it, multi-talented. They are experienced in more than one field, so that they can provide a varied and comprehensive support** offer to you. 


Our bos's

Our BOS's or Business Outsourcing Specialists join Dolphin Outsourcing because of our focus on supporting:

  • Flexible working

  • Our Armed Forces Community

  • People with disabilities

  • UK wide businesses

  • Fair employment with capacity to grow as individuals

We work with a variety of business owners, from start-ups to larger corporations and also we can provide support to busy individuals who need us.

Our attention to detail and team structure enable us to offer a service that is top-notch.

Our adaptable approach is second to none and we embrace adaptability to our contracts and how we work with our customers.

Let's Work Together

It's time to talk... In your initial call with us, we'll discuss your requirements and what level of support you're needing. During this call, we will likely be in a position to confirm our availability*.

We will explain our contracts and confirm our fees and payment arrangements. We'll endeavour to cover all of your questions in this call, to ensure you are comfortable to work with us. 

Following the call, we will send you your digital contract, which includes our T&C's and links to make your initial payment and activate your payment method.


Following the successful completion and submission of our digital contract, we will put you in touch with your Executive PA, who will then arrange an initial hand over call with you and talk you through our initial "onboarding protocols" - essentially working with you on how to hand over work to your new Executive PA.  

* Should you need a large number of hours (over 15hrs per week), strict hours, out of hours (ie over night), in person, or someone who can travel with you, we may need to confirm our availability to you at a later date. If we're not able to provide the level of service you require, we'll discuss with you an opportunity for us to recruit specifically for the role (especially more antisocial hours like over night). This may come at additional costs. Our aim is to offer you the highest level of support required. 

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