3x Tier Pricing

Our simple pricing structure means you know exactly where you stand when you come to us for support. We are a remote business support service. All our team work from home but work directly for Dolphin Outsourcing - we do not outsource your outsourcing! We also have a management structure, to ensure work is done to a high standard.

You don't have to pick just one level of support! We are about flexibility and work tirelessly to ensure your budget is used to the max - which is why we quote our hourly rate, rather than package fees.

One size does not fit all as far as we're concerned.

You can also learn more about our contracts HERE.

Take a look and get in touch to discuss the support you and your business needs:

  • £22 / hr


    This is the basis the majority of our work consists of, providing you with the fundamental basic implementational business support that you need as a business owner.

    For example:

    Basic copy writing

    Customer Interaction

    Email Management

    Social Media scheduling

    Data Entry


    Adjusting the copy in social

    media graphics (in canva)

    And much much more!

    To read more please click the following links:

    Admin & PA tasks

    Social Media

    (some elements are senior level)

  • £32 / hr


    Tasks that fall under senior are of a strategy or creational level.

    Essentially, the more complex tasks.


    This includes, but is not limited to the following:

    Creation of complex spreadsheets

    Creation/planning of databases or Trello boards (or equivalent)

    Planning/Strategy of social media

    Blog writing

    Creation of Social Media Graphics in Canva

    Full Graphic Design hourly rate

    Wix website creation & support


    To read more please click the following links:


     Design Services

  • £42 / hr


    This is the most senior work we do within Dolphin (aside from working 1-2-1 with the director). We enjoy working at this level with our clients and sharing our expertise.


    We offer a remote service in these key areas:

    Project Management

    Team Management




    Group (on a quotation only basis)

    Should you require a quote for Business Management, or Business Mentorship, please book a call below for a bespoke quotation.


Our contracts

for short term/1-off projects

On some occasions as business owners, we may face a job that we just dont have the time, or perhaps the expertise to do. It could be a quick form that needs creating, or you want 3hrs of competitor research done. This is where our 1-off contracts play a part. 

What happens?

We conduct a free discovery call to ensure we're the best fit for you and the work is in our remit.

We provide a quotation for our estimate with an invoice that is payable in advance. 

We do not exceed this price unless you authorise us to, so if we have underestimated we will keep you informed.

No surprise invoices!!

Once paid (through stripe/bank transfer) we will introduce you to the member(s) of the team you will be working with and that's when the work begins!

Typically we will conduct a zoom call or a phone call initially, to get a full brief, sometimes for more complex matters we'll ask you to confirm in writing before the call, so we can clarify anything that is not clear on that call.

We will keep you informed during the process of working together, via your preferred contact method:

Phone / email / whatsapp / Google hangouts / Trello

A minimum of 1hr is billable.

When you don't have a regular need

An ADHOC contract is the perfect middle ground, when you know you need support, but perhaps don't know how much, or how frequently, or if we can't provide a clear estimate for a job that's still developing. You can dip in and out of our services.

Is there a downside? Not really - apart from you come 2nd to our retainer clients needs.

What happens?


Just like 1-off process above, aside from:

You will receive a paperless contract from us, which will include links to -

your deposit, direct debit and T&C's.

We will ask that you pay a deposit of £30 to open an account with us. This will be required in advance and will remain on your account till you close at which point it will be deducted off the final invoice. Unless you want to leave it as a bonus - yes clients have done this before! A lovely surprise for the team member who's been supporting you.

You will be asked to set up a direct debit through GO-CARDLESS.

Under an adhoc contract, we will only process a payment, when you have used our services.

Our billing cycle:


We do invoicing on a monthly basis on the last day of the month.

Payment is requested for that last month (in arrears!) via direct debit on, or shortly after the 1st.


When you require consistency

All business owners will reach a point in growth where we acknowledge 

"I can't do this alone"

Having a retainer with us means you're saving the hassle and expense of hiring an employee. PLUS the added benefit of flexibility. We have a team of staff on hand to support you, if you need support - all you need to do is ask us. 

As one of our retainer clients - YOU are our No.1 priority. Your work will come first and your budget (unless discussed otherwise) will be spread equally throughout each week of the given month. 

You are booking and retaining our time each month with your budget availability, whether you use it all or not, you are paying for the reassurance that we are there for you. If you regularly underspend - we will discuss with you if it's worth adjusting your contract.

Flexibility is key and we will always strive to be flexible with our No.1 clients - just talk to us. Lack of communication is often the most challenging for a service provider. We enjoy keeping in touch with you and working together on your business.

How it works & our billing:


Just like the Adhoc contract above, apart from you will pay £30 or up to 50% of your monthly retainer as a deposit. Otherwise, you're invoiced monthly, in arears.

We only exceed your budget if YOU authorise us to.

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