Social Media and Marketing

As you've probably discovered, social media and marketing is a bit of a minefield! We're here to help you work your way through this, by offering support & guidance, training and outsourcing. 


Our main marketing focus is utilising social media to it's fullest, however we appreciate there are other ways to market a business. We encourage a case-by-case approach, so on quotation only for marketing services. We want to make sure we're the best people to work with you and quote according to your requirements and not just a blanket 1-size-fits-all fee, because it doesn't!!

Social Media

Social media, most people use it, but to make the most of it for business, it can take up a huge amount of your time... for many - it ends up being such a stressful part of their business, that they fall out with it! Then, post quality and quantity drops, engagement drops... and the downward spiral begins...

Either that - or social media is just too much of a fuss for some people to bother with, or get their head's around! Which means they're not utilising the platform(s) at all!

From just £22/hr we can provide support - READ MORE

Set up

In need of some set up help? Need a social platform review?


For just £100* we will include:

Basic admin – sorting access to your account/page and a sharing file for us all to use

Page/platform account review - bringing everything up to speed

Following people or joining Groups – depending on the platform of course

Hashtag research – this is where we will find what will work best for your business

*price is when combined with ongoing support for social media. Not a stand alone price


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