Grab our downloadable social media tools here and let us guide you. 

Social Media and Marketing

We have experts in social media management

How your business comes across online is really important - and in this day and age your social media is a massive part of this.

Are you overwhelmed with the concept of having to run these platforms alongside running your business?

Or perhaps you're spending too much time trying to learn how best to make your social media work for your business?

This is why we're here to HELP. 

We offer from 1-off support up to full Social Media Management (SMM for short). Our "Core" package is the base level of support we offer for SMM. If this isn't quite for you - don't worry, we can either add things on, or come up with a bespoke plan JUST FOR YOU and based on your budget. We're often asked "What's the smallest amount I can spend? I can't afford much..." - we're here to help you as much as possible - so the answer is - what's the max you can afford? We'll aim to maximise your available budget! So if you've only got £50 a month for help, that's ok.


Just want a little extra help?

We've got you!

We offer downloadable social media tools to guide you along with your social media. 

Just head to our shop where you can find:


All you need to do is drop in your graphics!


Over 200 marketing calendar dates for you to plan your entire year's social media content!

This is done using Trello, just set up your free account and have a ready-made plan ready to go!

Let's get social!

Our prices/packages

The Core

Is our monthly plan for SMM:

- Mini audit

- Content creation including: Visuals and content creation

- Scheduling and management of two platforms (chosen from: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)

- Three high quality posts per week, per platform

- Monitoring of these accounts every two days

- Monthly reports

- Quarterly reviews

£495 per month

Bolt ons

Available at additional cost:

- Full social strategy session

- Additional platforms

- Additional posts

- More specialised platforms: YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok

- Paid for advertising

- Broader marketing strategy

- Additional account monitoring

We also do hourly work if you're on a smaller budget!

From just £22/hr

We do not run Facebook ads but can offer advice and help with your set up.

Social Media Strategy

New to business? Or need to review your strategy? This 1-off strategy report is for you.

You can have this report issued and then DIY your social, or we can work with you to implement some, or all of the strategy (depending on your budget). We, of course, want you to get the absolute best of us - so please bare in mind, this will not be a 24hr turnaround!

What's included?

We will begin with a 1-2-1 call with you - this may take up to 1hr. After which, we will conduct our research and then provide you with a report, covering the following areas. Should you wish, we can add on additional platforms.

Branding audit
Keyword research
# research
Competitor analysis
Discuss your "voice" on social media
Review of platforms*
Marketing Overview

Plan for the year ahead

(broken down quarterly & monthly)

Just £545


Training by Dolphin - whether you need to:

Request an assistant or lead trainer - get in touch and let's see how we can help you today​! We do social media training in:


(including groups and Facebook business)

and lots more...just ask!

You can even outsource the design of the course (from study note sheets to the teaching slides)

We offer both 1-2-1 training and group training, please do get in touch for a quote.

From Just £42 per hour

Video Conference

We do lots of other training for businesses and business owners.


To read more, please click:

We tame the chimp

Do you struggle with e-mail marketing?

Not sure where to start or you've got started and then lost your way?

This is something we can help with.

Our team can pick up where you left off, look at your account and guide you in the right direction.

Image by Norbert Levajsics
Outsource it

Don't want to deal with it? Not got the time to learn or just not got the time to manage a campaign?


We can cover:

Set up

Ongoing management

Newsletter creation

Template design

From just £22/hr

Colleagues Working in Office

We can provide you and your staff with training on Mailchimp.

We can offer this:

Online via Zoom

By pre-recorded video

or pre-made guides

Our 1-2-1 training is priced from just


Please contact us to discuss your training needs. If you are looking for group training - we will be happy to provide a custom quote depending on your requirements.

Don't just take our word for it:

  • Dan Holmes

    Live More, Work Less

    "Christina has recently helped me with some social media training, and I found her to be very professional, knowledgeable and down to earth. She delivered the training in really logical steps and made it easy for me to follow. She put me at ease, and I felt like I could ask any questions I needed too without the fear of sounding silly too! I would highly recommend her to any other business owners that are wanting to upskill on social media and get more out of it."

  • Lauren Rebecca

    Live More, Work Less

    "I booked a clarity call with Laura as I am in the early stages of setting up my business. She really took the time to understand my concept and then work out how best Dolphin Outsourcing could help me. I felt I was offered a very personal, tailored approach to my needs and Laura is obviously very knowledgeable! I am looking forward to working with them in the very near future."

  • Jen Nelson

    Live More, Work Less

    "Had some online teaching with a group led by Laura through the week, which opened my eyes to other resources I'd never heard of that will help me get more organised with my small business. Realised I have so much to learn still, so went for a one to one with Laura today...found it extremely helpful. Laura was able to give me lots of tips and pointers, as well as setting up the programme I wanted and teaching me how to use. All done with a smile and good humour too - Thank you Laura - I'll be back."

Image by Roberto Cortese
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