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Trello is a fabulous, visual and pragmatic Project Management tool - that often goes underutilised! It's a great system to enable you to keep on top of things at your business.

What can you do with it? LOADS!! Take a peak:

Social Media

Yes! You can use Trello to plan out your social media! We can make it super easy, by setting up a template just for you!

Client management

You can do this in a variety of ways and also connect to storage systems like GoogleDrive or OneDrive! Attach spreadsheets, images, you name it. You can also link cards and boards/Workspaces! There are so many ways you can manage your clients, or tasks on Trello!


SET THAT REMINDER! Don't forget what you had planned for the week! Utilise Trello's due date system and make sure you keep everything on track. The ability to share boards means you can share with your team too!

Business plan

New to business? Or going in a bit of a new direction? We have a great business plan template to make sure you've thought of every step! This isn't a 1-trick wonder! Because this will adapt and grow with your business. 

Project Management

Of course we have to mention this! Trello offers a really visual way to project manage! With the ability to set due dates, assign work and views such as "Timeline" and "Calendar" it's a great system to manage individual projects - or multiple!!


Loosing the will to live with emails and whether you've done the job or not? With the function to "email to board" you can give out a direct link to your trello board and all emails will go straight to the list you select!

What Our Clients Say

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Using our business plan:

I would definitely recommend Laura, she is very knowledgeable and if she isn’t sure about something she will try to direct you to someone who can help.

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You'll work directly with Laura Dolphin - Director, on how to best utilise Trello for your business.

Laura also does 1-2-1 and group training sessions for businesses, we'd be happy to provide a quote for this. 


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