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4 Top tips to keep motivated in your small business

Running a small business is tough - you are the one responsible for everything and making sure your business is a success - let’s be honest, sometimes it is overwhelming!

When you feel overwhelmed, your motivation dips because it all just feels like too much. You don’t know where to start or what to focus on first.

If you are feeling like this, here are 4 top tips to keep motivated in your small business:

  1. Think about why you set up your small business in the first place - your why, your vision for the future, flexibility - whatever it is, connect back to that original place of excitement and possibility. Remind yourself of your why and your vision every day, and especially when things feel tough to remind yourself why you are doing this and give yourself a motivation boost.

  2. Take regular breaks - even if you have got limited time to actually do your tasks, still make sure that you take regular breaks when you are working even if it is just for a few minutes. Having that time to rest means that you will be more productive because you’ve had that rest.

  3. Set goals - set goals for yourself to achieve in your business and link these back to your why and your vision for the future. Setting a big goal and then breaking it down into achievable weekly/monthly tasks is the best way to make sure that the goal is achieved. Bonus points for connecting your goal back to your why and your vision!

  4. Let Dolphin take away your overwhelm - we are here to take on those tasks in your small business that take up the most time and the ones that you don’t enjoy doing. Knowing that our team of experienced Business Outsourcing Specialists is taking care of that side of your business, frees you up to concentrate on growing your business and working on the tasks that you love.

Here’s to feeling more motivated in your small business so you can really make your original dream that you had when you started, a reality!

We here at Dolphin would love to help you keep up that motivation, get in touch to find out more about our affordable packages.


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