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How to choose the perfect colour for your business brand

Christina Barker from Dolphin Outsourcing is back again with some great business advice. This time it's all about your branding colours.

If you are an existing business have you already chosen your colours? Do you have a few?

If you are just starting out, now is the time to ensure you have the correct colour pallet for your business, it is more than just picking any old colour.

Each colour has a different meaning, so Christina is here to guide you through a few of these so you can see if the ones in your branding match your business ethics or not.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out more.

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When starting your own business it's so important to pick an effective colour theme and not pick out your favourite colours. A lot of people just tend to do that and then go with that colour without any thought process in it. They just think "okay, well I like pink, so we just put pink in there", and there's a bit more to it than that. There are meanings for each different colour and a lot of people have more than one colour but one colour is the main one and then you have all the accent colours around that. So what you need to do is consider the psychological effects that the colours have on your potential customers or your clients that visit your brand's website and social pages. It can be quite easy just to lean towards those favourite colours, as I said, but it is worth taking a step back and reflecting on what colours will suit your branding.

What type of image are you trying to perceive? These are the types of things that you need to think about when choosing your colours. What do you want to give to your clients? What colours are they going to relate to? I'm going to give you a few examples here of some main colours that people tend to go for and their meanings.

Blue. It's quite a big one for us at Dolphin Outsourcing and it's associated with reliability, calm and composure. You use this colour for more practical-minded audiences, it creates a sense of trust and security and it simulates your productivity and it's often used by banks and travel agents.

Red is a take action colour for audiences that want things fast. So it creates a sense of urgency, and it's often seen in things like clearance sales, you see it on the big banners, they say sale now, buy this and the rest of it in the shops. And what that does is subconsciously encourages appetite which is why it is used in fast food brands as well. It's that high energy and it does grab your attention.

Green inspires harmony and balance between emotion and body making the brain more decisive. It's associated with wealth and prosperity and it is regularly used to promote things like environmental issues. It is the easiest colour for eyes to process and it will often be used inside stores to relax customers. I didn't know that one so it's good to always know that is a relaxing colour. You might use that if you own a beauty salon to give you a calming feeling before you go for your massage, or anywhere you need calmness.

Orange can encourage optimism and happiness. It's frequently used to grab the attention of impulsive buyers and it's great for those call to action buttons. This colour should not be overused as well, because it can subconsciously create that feeling of anxiety. It's for audiences that like to live in the moment. Do you use orange in any part of your branding? What do you think it says to your clients? It would be interesting to know why you chose those colours.

Purple is often used in the beauty industry for products like anti-ageing and that triggers the part of the brain that likes to solve problems and boost creativity. It's a colour generally associated with respect, knowledge and royalty.

Black is quite a common one, believe it or not. It shows powerfulness and it's quite sleek. It's often used when you're marketing luxury goods. It injects authority, ability and strength. It will become overwhelming if it is used too frequently. It's a good one to use, but again, less frequently.

White encourages a feeling of space, cleanliness and safety. It is subconsciously seen as a fresh canvas. It sparks a sense of creativity and playfulness. It looks quite modern and uncluttered. If you want your branding to be quite basic and you want the focus to be on something specific like your logo, you can have a lot of white with a different background. It depends on what you want, but when it's tinged with a contrasted and complementary colour it makes it more readable. So maybe white on black, white on a more powerful colour could go quite nicely.

If you are stuck on any of your branding colours, if you are looking for some help or some advice or logo even we offer a branding and design service from just that £32 an hour. We also offer what we call our startup branding package from £210. That includes your logo and whole branding package in different colours. We'll talk you through the process of this as well. So it's great if you're starting and you need an affordable professional service, that's going to kickstart your business. Just get in touch with us by heading to our website and booking a discovery call with us. The website is

Until next time, goodbye.


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