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employ vs outsource

How much?!

We often hear from business owners that "it's cheaper for me to employ someone". At first thought, of course £13/hr hourly pay, compared to our starting rate of £28/hr can feel like a huge difference. 

In collaboration with asfb, we want to provide the calculator below. We contacted this company because this calculator is pretty exhaustive! Which is fabulous. So we want to bring this to you.

Often, what can be easily forgotten are things like:

Training (time of both your new staff member and the current member providing the training)

Ongoing IT support

Administrative overheads like: HR, Payroll etc

Plus many more...

A BIG aspect often missed, is unproductive time. Over a year, 5 minutes here and there add up. Where as using us at Dolphin Outsourcing, you're only billed for our working time. When we want to grab a drink, or take a personal call - the clock stops. You're not paying for us to be unproductive.

We've added some estimates for you, based on the average (in some instances starting salary) of a UK based PA - £26,000 per annum, 37hrs per week or £13.51 per hour. Where the actual cost is £26.62!!

We've not added "in office" costs, as we provide a remote service. 


Want to try it yourself? Follow the below instructions or CLICK HERE to visit their site.

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