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Dolphin Outsourcing Ltd

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Start Up Support

Starting a business can be a complete minefield of information and a list that goes on forever of things you "need" to get done.

This is where we shine! Here's how we're going to help you:

Coaching/Mentorship -

For just a small monthly fee we're going to work with you for a minimum of:

3 months support - and you'll get a discount!!

We'd love to stick with you for the first year! But it's up to you if you do more than 3 months.

You're going to get a 1-2-1 call/video chat with the director Laura


Instant chat support through whatsapp or txt or email (up to 2hrs a month)


Just £49.99/month

Start up branding

A lot of start up businesses think all you need is a logo...

It's not quite as simple as that - but we're here to help!

We're going to work with you to create:

Your logo (and alternative version - 3 files total)

Custom Icon set (x6 files) like a Facebook icon, Instagram, Email, etc

Fonts - we'll use ones that Canva provide free - but help you match up the best ones!

Create a colour palette that you'll use across your business

A Facebook Header Image for your Page AND a profile picture that fit for pc and mobile users!

Templates - we're going to set you up with 4 templates in your canva account - for using on social media


Just £110 (total!)

Business set up packs

You can pick 1 or more from the list below, we will help you get these systems set up and functioning. We just ask that you cover the time it takes to do it! We charge for the time it takes, but there is a minimum fee of £30 (non-refundable deposit). Some may take longer than others - depending on YOUR requirements - we'll discuss this during the free consult call!

We can help you with setting up the following packs, to your specifications:

Microsoft - for example setting up spreadsheets/templates in word etc

Google - account set up support, organising files in G-Drive and MORE..

Google Forms - we can help you create feedback forms, contracts, sign up forms...

Trello - boards, automation's or even your business plan (purchase our template for just £10 bolt on)

Calendly - a bookings app


Facebook Business Page

Just £30 minimum fee, approx £21 per additional pack

ultimate business set up - just £220

We'll include A full hour long coaching call

The Start up Branding package (above)

4x business set up packs (4hrs)