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Why it makes sense to invest in a VA even if you are just starting out in your business

So, you’ve just started out in your small business - you are so excited to finally be doing something you love and that means something to you.

You’ve started with great intentions and decided to do everything by yourself - your admin, emails, social media, tech - you feel like you’ve got some basic knowledge so you can handle it.

Plus, you haven't really got the money to invest in extra support right now.

But by doing everything yourself, you've quickly realised that you are spending time doing tasks that you don't enjoy and tasks that you don't actually want to spend your (already limited) time doing. And why do things like emails, social media and the tech stuff always take way longer than you planned? Your time just seems to be eaten up and it is getting really frustrating.

You are starting to feel overwhelmed and fall out of love with your business quickly - you didn't think it would be this hard! You don’t know how your business is going to grow and be successful if you are spending time on tasks that just don’t seem to get you anywhere.

We are here to let you know that there is another way.

Even if you have just started out in your business and you don’t have much money to invest in support right now, here at Dolphin we are confident that we can find an affordable solution for you.

A solution that means that we’ll take all of those annoying, time-sucking tasks off your hands so that you have more time and energy to do what you want to be doing in your business - growing your business.

Investing in virtual support even when you are starting off in your small business makes sense because you are building a strong foundation for you to make a real success of your business.

Having the confidence that all of your other tasks are being taken care of by Dolphin, will give you peace of mind and will reduce your stress levels.

Get in touch with Dolphin today to discuss our affordable packages for small businesses - we can’t wait to hear from you and help take away your stress to give you your time and energy back!


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