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Could Outsourcing Project Management be the sensible choice?

Project Management is a complex, risky and multi-faceted task, that requires knowledge and experience. When considering your options you need to be aware of several things, what are your companies competencies, capabilities and limits?

Do you have the necessary resources at your disposal to carry out Project Management yourself?

One very viable option is outsourcing.

Some reasons companies may choose to outsource Project Management are:

  1. Frequency and Cost. If your projects are infrequent or Ad Hoc, it probably makes a great deal more sense to outsource, rather than to hire an entire Project team that would increase your staffing levels beyond what is sustainable for your business. By outsourcing, you get what you want for as long as you need it.

  2. Experience. It is much more efficient and effective to outsource to a Project Management specialist than to try muddling through the processes yourself or entrusting this task to a team member with little or no Project experience. This could lead to Project delay, over spending and under producing.

  3. Size. If your project is too large for your current project team, or if you already have low staffing levels, with little-to-no wiggle room in availability, it may be more effective to outsource all or part of your project to reduce the chances of resource over-allocation.

  4. Technology. Project Management can, in most cases, be done remotely through many different software programs, by people who are familiar and competent in their usage. There are a few free options such as Proggio and Trello, for organising and tracking a project in real time.* You can assign tasks, work out deadlines and all stay updated on who is doing what and when. There are also many great options for successful communications such as Zoom, Skype and most messaging software available, also has call or video options. Using a cloud-based systems is also a great way to work in unison with real-time updates.

Here at Dolphin Outsourcing Ltd, we are used to working remotely with our clients and maintaining clear, concise communications whilst providing an excellent service.

We are here to give you a helping hand.

We have an authentic and approachable team that will openly tell you what we can provide for you, so if we cannot do what you are looking for, we will tell you. Supporting small to medium businesses, to our utmost, is our core priority and at the heart of what we are here to accomplish.

If you are considering outsourcing Project Management, please give us a call. We offer a free 30 min Discovery Call with our founder Laura Dolphin who will listen to your thoughts and ideas so as to inform you of how team Dolphin may be able to help you.

*We also offer training for programs such as Trello if this is something you are unfamiliar with.


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