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What are our senior rate services?

This week, Christina Barker is back to talk you through our senior rate services. These are our mid-tier services we offer to businesses within the UK.

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"Hello, everyone. I'm Christina Barker, Manager of Dolphin Outsourcing Ltd and today I'm here to discuss our senior rate services, which will hopefully give you a bit more of an understanding of what we cover and at what cost.

So last week, I discussed our basic rate services with you all, so if you haven't seen that, go back and watch that. So tasks that fall under our senior rate are of a more strategy or creational level, essentially, the more complex tasks above the basic right. This includes, but obviously not limited to, some of the following, creation of complex spreadsheets, creation or planning of databases, or Trello boards, or equivalent, anything sort of the same level. Planning or strategy of social media, blog writing, creation of social media graphics, which we use Canva for, full graphic design, hourly rate, Wix website creation, and support. So that's not an extensive list of those said, but they are our main senior rate that would cover all of our services under one level. Everything on that list is charged at just £32 per hour, and we have a three-tiered pricing system, which I have mentioned before. What that is is the basic, senior and then a more managerial level. I will explain the managerial level next week.

The senior level is our middle rate that we offer. To read more about this, you can head over to our website, which, as you know by now, is, and click on the services for more information, and I'll pop the link in the comments below or above or wherever is somewhere on this video.

Last week, I also explained our three main types of contracts as well as our billing cycle if you wish to proceed. Again, if you haven't seen that video, please go back and watch the previous one, I will put the link in the comments for convenience for you all, but in short, we offer a one-off contract, ad hoc contract or our retainer contract. So you can choose which one best suits you, but we will always advise accordingly to what we think would suit you if you're unsure. Then finally, in our billing cycle, we do all of our invoicing on a monthly basis on the last day of the month. Payment is required for that last month in arrears via direct debit or shortly after the first.

So you can sign up to our newsletter to be kept in the loop if you wish to, with any updates, all by going to our website and you can hit the subscribe button, which is at the bottom, I think as well. So don't forget to hit the follow button on whatever social media platform you are watching this on. We are pretty much on every platform, so you can't miss us. So yeah, we really appreciate any follows and if you're not already following us again, and really hope this has been helpful to you.

If you are interested in outsourcing or training with us, please get in touch by booking a free no-obligation consultation via our website or by clicking on the book a call button which is in big all over our website. Obviously, you can message us directly as well on any platform, and one of our team will get back to you and then we look forward to hearing from you soon."


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